One of Britain's Oldest, Active and Most Respected Ceramic Artists, Based in Stradbroke, Suffolk.

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  1. Plaque - Currently Available
  2. Plaque - Currently Available
  3. Tea Bowl - Currently Available
  4. Tea bowl recently purchased at the CPA exhibit
  5. Tea bowl recently purchased at the CPA exhibit
  6. Tea bowl recently purchased at the CPA exhibit
  7. Tea bowl recently purchased at the CPA exhibit
  8. Tea bowl recently purchased at the CPA exhibit
  9. One of the sets recently exhibited at the CPA

Recent News  
We will be attending the annual Earth and Fire Ceramic Fair again this month at Welbeck, be sure not to miss Robin's latest pieces...

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And We'll Do The Rest

After purchasing, we'll simply pack up your order ensuring that it is safely secured for delivery. Our couriers will then collect the ceramic or painting from us directly and deliver your order to whichever address you wish. Updates on the stages of delivery will be confirmed via email. For every purchase you will receive a signed card from the artist. 
Observe Robin's exclusive range for sale, as family members ourselves, we aim to provide you with Robin's contemporary ceramics, paintings, sketches and sculptural forms at the appraisal of the artist himself. There is a limited vareity of ceramics as well as paintings to purchase and observe, We also encourage you to come and visit the gallery located in Suffolk.    


Simply click and choose the artwork you wish to buy. If you want to acquire some more details about the ceramic or painting you are interested in, please call us on either of the numbers below. Each piece is dilberately varied and unique. A new selection of pieces will be updated roughly every two months, the content of which will vary considerably. 

Studio Gallery

  1. The Early Days
  2. Studio Shot
  3. Studio Shot
  4. Private collection
  5. Private collection
  6. 81 and still going

Our Friends & Customers Say

  1. He is genuinely an individual voice. There is no one else quite like him in British Pottery.


  2. The baked earth, bright light and brilliant colours of Australia remain an abiding influence...


  3. What emerges throughout the exhibition (Rufford) is Robin's resonant use of colour, which unities the paintings and pots in a truly unique vision...


  4. The work of Robin Welch is a gift to the curator.