Ceramic Range

The typical bottle ceramic Robin usually creates possesses a wide-rimmed top as seen by the cutout on the right. These ceramics are typiclly made out of stoneware but completely vary by design, colour and texture. Every case proves a unique product of Robin's output. Each bottle is predominantly finished with a vareity of low-fired glazes. See the studio gallery and shop for more pieces.
For this piece, a mixture of low-fired dusky red, orange and beige glazes provide an almost metallic rusty aesthetic, which is completed by additions of enamels for texture. 
Average Dimension: 20cm x 10cm  
Oval Bottle
Toward the left is an example of the oval bottle-shaped ceramic that is again typically made out of stoneware. Collectively, these pieces undergo a similar process of multple firings whilst Robin adds various enamels and glazes to achieve his desired affect. Most of these oval bottles in circulation were made back in the 1990s. See the studio gallery and shop for more pieces.

For this piece, a white enamel paint has been implemented to provide a glossy top half finish whilst the etched grey and yellow quadiliteral forms, located at its center, speak to the improvisational technique involved in its production.
Average Dimension: 25cm x 15cm
On the right is an example of the shallow shape Robin adopts in hand-crafting his ceramic bowls. Although these ceramics vary in size and shape, sometimes with a footed base or flared edge, they are all again primarily made out of stoneware and on occason, porcelian. Each hand-crafted ceramic is decorated with a number of glazes giving a unique, authentic finish to each bowl. See the studio gallery and shop for more pieces.
For this piece, a porcelian wash has been used with a matt white glaze decorated with hints of dark carmine red, grey-black and subtle shades of brown-bronze.
Average Dimension: 10cm x 10cm 
Tea Bowl
The tea bowl over to the left is again made out of stoneware. In terms of form, this is the most conventional ceramic throughout Robin's body of works. The variety of multi-coloured glazes and enamels employed for each hand-crafted ceramic are always individual to each bowl. Some critics have dubbed these type of flamboyantly coloured pieces as '3D paintings'. ​​See the studio gallery and shop for more pieces.​

For this piece,  a matte white underglaze has been applied amongst murky reds, blues, and bright orange glazes as well as a shiny black glaze towards its rim.
Average Dimension 15cm x 10cm.   
This stoneware vase shows the usual aesthetic shape of Robin's vases, despite his oval vases shown directly below. As one of the larger ceramics he makes out of his range, typically using a heavy grog clay, these vases act as great decorative centerpieces due to their larger dimensions and lavish designs. See the studio gallery and shop for more pieces. Robin has also produced a number of vessels that extend past even the large dimensions of these vases. See our Instagram profile and page for more pictures..  

For this piece, a porcelain wash has been implemented with a range of bold blue, light red-orange and black glazes amongst strips of low-fired gold luster.
Average Dimension: 40cm x 25cm
Oval Vase
The oval vase depicted on the left is also made of out stoneware and exemplifies the general shape of Robin's oval vases. These vases are usually smaller in comparison to the conventional vases on offer, please see the online shop for the latest pieces. 

This hand-crafted ceramic is decorated with a similiar collection of lusters, underglazes and washes. For this piece, a red underglaze has been combined with black and gold lusters giving a rich and elaborate impression. 
Average Dimension: 25cm x 15cm  
Slab Pot
This handcrafted slab pot, on the right, is one of the most authentic shapes throughout Robin's collection. These ceramics are slab built and possess either varied or matching faces each side. Others, however, differ aesthically with inversed semi-circular lids. See Robin's facebook and instagram profiles for more pictures, info, and news. 

For this piece, a series of red, orange and yellow glazes have been brushed on for a 'roughed up' finish. The upper half of the slab pot also resembles the spontaneous yet expressionist style that represents the styles of Robin's oeuvre.   
Average Dimension: 25cm x 15cm
On the left is one of Robin's paintings. These paintings usually include materials like clay or sand on the common paint-on-canvas medium. Often, Robin's inspiration from Australia, observing the outback and other landscapes, manifests in his paintings via tone and texture as he openly admits. A selection of one-off paintings are available to view and enquire about in our private collection.​

For this piece, an adhesive has been combined with sand and stone to create a immensely textured surface. Bold red, rusty gold-yellow and jet-black paints are also appllied here. 
Average Dimension: 50cm x 40cm